pilates anatomy

Pilates Anatomy


Pilates Anatomy – Pilates liikkeiden anatomiseen tarkasteluun

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Pilates Anatomy

Pilates Anatomy esittää pilates liikkeiden oikeat linjaukset, asennot ja liikkeet visuaalisesta perspektiivistä. Voit tarkastella harjoitteluasi ’sisäisesti’ kattavan kuvituksen ja liikeohjeiden avulla.

With detailed descriptions, step-by-step instruction, and stunning full-color anatomical illustrations, Pilates Anatomy takes you inside the exercises and programs that will tone the body, stabilize the core, improve balance, and increase flexibility. Using the original mat work of Joseph Pilates, you’ll see how key muscles are used, how variations and minor adjustments can influence effectiveness, and how breathing, alignment, posture, and movement are all fundamentally linked.

Choosing from over 45 exercises, you can target a particular body region and delve deeper to stretch, strengthen, and finely coordinate specific muscles. You’ll also find techniques for breathing, concentration, and self-awareness for a unique exercise experience that enhances your mind and your body. Whether you are just beginning to explore the beauty and benefits of Pilates or have been practicing for years, Pilates Anatomy is a one-of-a-kind resource that you’ll refer to again and again.

ISBN: 9780736083867

Publisher: Human Kinetics


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