Power Eating


Power Eating

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No other nutrition program will enable you to gain muscle and power—while trimming body fat—more effectively than Power Eating, the leading plan for power athletes, strength trainers, and bodybuilders.

Authored by a consultant to NFL and NBA players and world-class bodybuilders, Power Eatingcombines the most up-to-date scientific and practical advice to address the unique nutritional requirements of the power athlete. The result is an approach that has helped thousands of athletes reach their physique and performance goals—safely and legally.

This third edition incorporates the latest nutrition principles and recommendations, specifically addressing and dispelling the myths about carbohydrate and its role in a power athlete’s diet. A revised supplement rating system incorporates new IOC rules and makes the latest findings on vitamins and minerals, muscle-building products, and performance-related herbs easier to find. And the inclusion of more recipes and meal plans will provide greater variety for athletes on specialized eating plans.

Incorporate the Power Eatingplan into your training and find out what thousands of athletes already know. Power Eatingis more than a book. It’s a path to power excellence.

ISBN: 9780736066983