Chiropractic Technique


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Chiropractic Technique

The first-ever book to describe the rationale behind adjustment techniques for the spine, pelvis, and extremities, this NEW 2nd edition offers thoroughly revised chapters, new illustrations, a reorganized layout, and extensive updates. The basic anatomical, biomechanical, and pathophysiological principles necessary for applying specific adjustive procedures are discussed in detail. It also offers a fundamental understanding of joint and body mechanics, as well as key evaluative tests and procedures, to help the reader evaluate, select, and utilize the most effective adjustive techniques. Coverage of chiropractic history provides a broad understanding of general concepts and practice. Theory and practice combine to make CHIROPRACTIC TECHNIQUE, 2ND EDITION a must-have for anyone seeking a solid foundation in joint examination and chiropractic adjustment.

  • The text is organized by joint system, focusing on practical anatomy, kinematics, evaluation, and technique for each system so each chapter can stand on its own as an independent discussion
  • Specific evaluative procedures demonstrate how to identify the characteristics of manipulable lesions
  • Background on the history of chiropractic provides an excellent foundation for joint examination and adjustive techniques
  • Extensive photos and line drawings vividly illustrate each technique
  • References throughout the book direct the reader to sources for more detailed information on chapter content
  • Mechanical principles are addressed, which help the reader understand differences between adjustive procedures and how each should be performed
  • A convenient list of joints and a joint index are included on the end sheets for quick, easy reference
  • Authors are well known and well-respected in the chiropractic field.
  • All chapters have been revised and updated to include the latest information available
  • Joint anatomy and basic biomechanics coverage offers a more clinical focus in this Edition
  • A New Chapter on mobilization, traction, and soft tissue techniques presents these similar techniques in one chapter, organized according to development and slight variation, for a clear, objective look at each one.
  • A new user-friendly layout arranges content and illustrations so information is accessible and the text is easy-to-read.