The Clinical Orthopedic Assessment Guide


The Clinical Orthopedic Assessment Guide – 2nd Edition

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The Clinical Orthopedic Assessment Guide

The Clinical Orthopedic Assessment Guide, Second Edition, is the foremost reference for comprehensive patient assessment. Conveniently packaged and competitively priced, it provides techniques for accurate patient assessment and functional information about normal and abnormal static and dynamic motions. This second edition has been reformatted with a smaller size, streamlined content, and lay-flat binding to be a practical addition to your collection.

Like the previous edition, the text takes a regional approach but now also includes material on the upper cervical spine, pelvis, and sacroiliac joint and information on the assessment of peripheral nerve injury and treatment techniques (adverse neurodynamics). In addition, the overall design and layout have been overhauled to make this resource even more user friendly and visually appealing. A more compact size makes it easier to transport or attach to a clipboard. A special binding allows clinicians to lay the book open on a flat surface without damaging the text’s spine. Almost all illustrations have been converted to photos, and the quantity of photos has increased significantly. For clarity, many of the photos are enhanced with arrows showing direction of movement or highlighting specific elements. And finally, for easy recognition, special symbols have been added to the top of test and measurement pages so information can be located with a quick flip through the pages.

The streamlined organization of The Clinical Orthopedic Assessment Guide, Second Edition, makes it simple to find the information you need. The book flows through a regional presentation of clinical assessments and functional tests (including 40 new tests that were not featured in the first edition), a section on gait and posture, and a new section on adverse neurodynamics. The regional sections are further broken down into specific joints, and each joint-specific chapter follows a common layout so you can easily find exactly what you need:

  • A description of joint basics, arthrokinematics, and neurology
  • Surface palpation, muscle origin and insertion, and muscle action and innervation
  • Subjective and objective examination sequences
  • Clinical syndrome tables to assist with musculoskeletal differential diagnosis

Additionally, a suggested examination sequence for the history and test and measures is provided for each peripheral and spinal joint. Many of the tests are also accompanied with sensitivity and specificity values to help determine test utility.

Essential information regarding regional assessments and whole-body mechanical functions will be at your fingertips with The Clinical Orthopedic Assessment Guide, Second Edition. Keep this convenient reference close at hand to help you perform accurate assessments that will lead to proper diagnosis and care of patient injuries.

ISBN: 9780736067096

Publisher: Human Kinetics

Published: 2008

Page Count: 448