Isometric Muscle Strenght Measurement


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Isometric Muscle Strenght Measurement

This convenient new text presents essential information on quantifying and documenting muscle strenght with a simple handheld pull gauge. It features measuring techniques that are easy, quick, and economical- invaluable in this era of managed care. The book teaches you to measure maximal isometric muscle strength for both men and women, ranging in age 20 to 80.

You’ll find key data on normal muscle levels for all areas of the body, including: chest forearm: hand: thigh: knee: lower leg: and more using the pull gauge. This information will allow physical and occupational therapists to determine the effects of injuries or disorders such as myositis, rheumatoid arthritis, or nerve root compression syndromes on diminished muscle levels.

Here is the muscle performance guide every specialist needs!

ISBN: 9781588901132

Author: Thomas Stoll, M.D.

Publisher: Thieme

Page Count: 152