Larsen's Human Embryology. Kurssikirja lääketieteelliseen.

Larsen’s Human Embryology

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Larsen’s Human Embryology


2015 BMA Medical Book Awards Highly Commended in Basic and Clinical Sciences Category!

Larsen’s Human Embryology works as a well-organized, straightforward guide to this highly complex subject, placing an emphasis on the clinical application of embryology and presenting it in an easily digestible manner. Ideal for visual students, this updated medical textbook includes a superior art program, brand-new online animations, and high-quality images throughout; clear descriptions and explanations of human embryonic development, based on all of the most up-to-date scientific discoveries and understanding, keep you abreast of the latest knowledge in the field.

Key Features

  • Take advantage of the most current advances in molecular biology and genetics.
  • Review the material in a flexible manner that meets your specific needs thanks to a user-friendly design.
Authors: Gary Schoenwolf Steven Bleyl Philip Brauer Philippa Francis-West
Paperback ISBN: 9781455706846
Imprint: Churchill Livingstone
Published Date: 25th November 2014
Page Count: 576


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