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Maitland’s Clinical Companion


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Maitland’s Clinical Companion – An Essential Guide for Students


This reference is ideal for students who need support during their neuromusculoskeletal clinical practice in areas such as communication, clinical reasoning, examination and assessment. It is a vital source for understanding the role of mobilization and manipulation in helping to maximize the recovery, rehabilitation and functioning of patients with movement-related disorders. The principles of the Maitland Concept of Manipulative Physiotherapy are applied to each body region so as to guide the student through to the appropriate selection, application and progression of mobilization and manipulation techniques within the context of contemporary physiotherapeutic rehabilitation. A vital companion to the classic texts – Maitland’s Vertebral Manipulation and Maitland’s Peripheral Manipulation – which promotes a patient-centred approach to neuromusculoskeletal disorders.

Key Features

  • Learning objectives and self-assessment questions in every chapter enables students to reflect on their knowledge
  • Case studies highlights key aspects of the concepts to clinical practice
  • Clinical profiles for common neuromusculoskeletal conditions
  • Techniques described and accompanied by over 500 images
  • Picture key to identify types of examination, decision-making and techniques within the text


ISBN: 9780443069338
Authors: Kevin Banks & Elly Hengeveld
Page Count: 684
Publication Date: October, 2009



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