Mobilisation with Movement: The Art and the Science


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Mobilisation with Movement: The Art and the Science

An authoritative text and accompanying DVD presenting the growing evidence base for Mobilisation with Movement techniques

Developed over the past 26 years, Mobilisation with Movement (MWM) remains a relatively new form of manual therapy. It is, however, becoming one of the most popular approaches for the management of musculoskeletal disorders.

Mobilisation with Movement: The art and the science introduces the concept of Mobilisation with Movement, describes basic Mobilisation with Movement techniques and outlines its principles of application.

The book summarises the emergent evidence base underpinning Mobilisation with Movement techniques, including randomised controlled trials, and shows how far the technique has progressed since first introduced by New Zealand physiotherapist Brian Mulligan in 1984.

This easy-to-use manual therapy textbook is an excellent reference for the clinician, teacher, student and researcher and is intended to provide a nexus between the technique’s seemingly successful clinical approach and its science base.

A series of case studies brings the practical art of Mobilisation with Movement to life, while highlighting the underlying clinical reasoning and applied evidence base.

· a systematic review of the evidence for the technique’s efficacy
· a review of the current state of Mulligan’s ’positional fault hypothesis’
· a new model of the mechanisms by which Mobilisation with Movement works
· demonstrates the clinical application of Mobilisation with Movement through twelve cases by leading practitioners
· more advanced aspects of the clinical application are developed and critiqued, including guidelines on dosage and troubleshooting options
· the accompanying DVD demonstrates techniques from the text and features Brian Mulligan