The Muscle Book: Anatomy, Testing, Movement


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The Muscle Book: Anatomy, Testing, Movement

The Muscle Book is an essential reference for anyone concerned with the locomotor apparatus, its training, its disorders, and its treatment. Written in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of anatomists, medical professionals, physiotherapists, and athletes, this unique atlas provides a beautiful and comprehensive overview of the human muscular system. Each section is organized according to muscle region and explains the position and function of individualized muscles. Wherever possible, anatomical drawings are shown in conjunction with in vivo photographs to facilitate the identification and palpation of muscles. Descriptions include muscle origin, insertion, and nerve supply, and muscle functions are listed in relation to synergists and antagonists involved in any movement. The function assessment includes practical tips, clinical caveats, and relevant stretching techniques. An essential primer in the functional anatomy of the locomotor apparatus.

ISBN: 9781850972136

Page Count: 432 pages

Publisher: Quintessence Pub Co; 1 edition (April 15, 2011)