Neuroscience, 6th Edition


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Neuroscience, 6th Edition is intended primarily for medical, premedical, and undergraduate students. The book’s length and accessibility of its writing are a successful combination that has proven to work equally well for medical students and in undergraduate neuroscience courses. Being both comprehensive and authoritative, the book is also appropriate for graduate and professional use.

Paperback Published: 18 October 2018
960 Pages ISBN: 9781605358413 56,00 € varastossa 8Kpl
Edited by Dale Purves, George Augustine, David Fitzpatrick, William Hall, Anthony
LaMantia, Leonard White, Richard Mooney, and Michael Platt
 Exceptional figures illustrate complex biological processes
 Boxes discuss other pertinent and relevant topics
 Includes access to Sylvius 4 Online: an interactive atlas and visual glossary of human
New to this Edition:
 An expanded Cognitive Neuroscience unit includes new chapters on Attention and
Decision Making
 Reorganization across the book enhances continuity
 The Neural Signaling unit has been expansively updated
 Web Topics provide novel or historical topics for special discussion
 900 illustrations help students to visualise the brain
 Over 500 new citations keep the text current and an excellent resource