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Physical Therapy for the Stroke Patient

A manual of proven physical therapy techniques for the early, acute phase after stroke

Clinical evidence clearly demonstrates that physical therapeutic measures begun as soon as possible after a stroke, often within 24 to 48 hours, greatly increase everyday competence and quality of life. Physical Therapy for the Stroke Patient: Early Stage Rehabilitation covers all the issues that physical therapists must deal with in this critical period: assessment of patients’ abilities; care during the acute phase; early mobilization; effects of medication; risk factors; ethical questions; and much more. It provides complete guidelines on how to examine and treat the patient, the ”dosage” of physical therapy required, and the key differences between early and late stage rehabilitation after stroke.

Special Features:

  • Information-packed chapter on “Optimizing Functional Motor Recovery after Stroke,” written by J. Carr and R. Shepherd, pioneers in the field and the first to correlate motor learning and stroke recovery
  • Case studies throughout the book offering direct, hands-on examples of evaluation and treatment methods
  • Nearly 150 color photographs demonstrating step-by-step physical therapy techniques used in actual practice
  • Hundreds of references to the literature that support the evidence-based approach presented in the book

This book is an invaluable resource for all physical and occupational therapists who must answer the question, “How much therapy will help my patient?” Not only will it increase your therapeutic skills and confidence, but it will also expand your knowledge of the medical issues and long-term outcomes for the post-stroke patients in your care.

Publication Date: May 2012
Edition: 1
Pages: 206
Illustrations: 139
Format: Hardback
Print ISBN: 9783131547217