Principles of Medical Physiology


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Principles of Medical Physiology

This book has been specifically designed with the needs of the student in mind. Lengthy explanations are avoided and the material is presented in a concise form that not only makes it easy to understand but also easy to remember and reproduce, which is precisely what the student needs.

Key features

– Short chapters are organized in the sequence preferred by most physiology teachers

– The contents of each chapter are tailored to provide just enough material for a single lecture (occasionally two lectures), making it very handy for teachers. (The book contains 12 chapters)

– Basics of relevant physics and chemistry are made extremely simple. This is welcomed by both physiology teachers and students, for efficient teaching and learning

– Schematic diagrams in 3D perspective are employed to elucidate difficult anatomical concepts, including the gross structure of the brain

– Simple analogies of difficult concepts are given, often comically illustrated. Apparent paradoxes are highlighted and simple answers are provided

– Difficult topics are presented with elegant simplicity and brevity without compromising on the core concepts. These include membrane electrophysiology, electromyography, hemostatic balance, electrocardiography, cardiac output, hemodynamics, respiratory mechanics, counter-current multiplier system, body fluid and electrolyte balance, gastric acid secretion, calcitropic hormones, fetoplacental unit, memory and learning, synaptic transmission and sensorimotor mechanisms