Stretching Therapy for Sport and Manual Therapy DVD

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Stretching Therapy for Sport and Manual Therapy DVD set

Stretching Therapy for Sport and Manual Therapies 2 DVD set

This practical resource examines the practice associated with stretching therapy. Anatomical illustrations and shooting in different directions make it easy to learn how each muscle is stretched and correct positioning of the patient and the therapist. Comprehensive set of 2 DVDs on manual stretching techniques provides essential knowledge for sports therapy or other manual therapy practice.

1 DVD Introduction Muscles of the upper body: Masticatory muscles • Neck Muscles • Shoulder muscles • Upper arm muscles • Lower arm muscles • Hand muscles
42 minutes.

2 DVD Muscles of the mid and lower body • Thoracic muscles • Back muscles • Abdominal muscles • Hip and thigh muscles • Lower leg muscles • Foot muscles
54 minutes.

ISBN 9789519209074

Based on Stretching therapy for Sport & Manual Therapy book by Ylinen Jari

Voice: Ben Waller

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