Textbook of Pediatric Osteopathy


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Textbook of Pediatric Osteopathy

It is a special challenge to treat children with osteopathy. You can find everything you need to know about it in this detailed and practice oriented manual. Written by an experienced, international team of authors, it covers the whole spectrum of paediatric osteopathy- from new born to teenager. Part 1- Treatment of the mother before and after birth- Information about potentially formative pre- and perinatal experiences of the child- Osteopathic fundamentals of a gentle and respectful treatment of all body systems- with emphasis on the treatment principles of Dr. Sutherland. All techniques are clarified by photos- Osteopathic case history taking, examination procedures, differential diagnosis- Nutritional advice- Information and considerations on managing a paediatric osteopathic practicePart 2- Osteopathic and allopathic pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment approaches of the most common childhood pathologies- Consideration of logopedics, orthodontics and vaccination in separate chapters.