Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance


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Conditioning for Strength and Human Performance

Written by leading experts in exercise science, this text offers everything athletic trainers need to train athletes for maximum performance and prepare for certification. Chapters review the basic science underlying strength training and conditioning and put science into practice with detailed instructions on testing, assessment, exercise techniques, program development, injury prevention, and rehabilitation. Case-based problem solving activities, case examples, real world application boxes, and other features engage readers in decision-making and hands-on training activities. More than 350 full-color illustrations complement the text. A bound-in CD-ROM offers in-the-gym lab assignments, quizzes, and a practical exam with video clips and multiple-choice questions.

ISBN: 9780781745949

Authors: Jeff Chandler, Lee E. Brown,

Publisher: LWW

Page Count: 488

Publishing Date: March 2007


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