Handbook of Neurological Sports Medicine


Handbook of Neurological Sports Medicine

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Handbook of Neurological Sports Medicine presents techniques for diagnosis and treatment of head-related injuries to enable medical professionals to provide the best care possible. Written by a respected team of neurosurgeons, a strong focus is placed on concussion owing to the serious risks related to this common injury and the book outlines how to recognise, assess and treat concussions, enabling practitioners to treat athletes exhibiting signs of this dangerous condition. It also reviews the biomechanics and pathophysiology at the core of concussions in order to better understand their clinical presentations. The book also examines other traumatic injuries, including those to the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, and the soft tissue and fascia within the spinal unit and provides an overview of peripheral nervous system. It includes techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of concussion and other injuries.

ISBN: 9781450441810