Kinetic Anatomy


Kinetic Anatomy

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Created primarily for those who will work in physical activity fields, the third edition of Kinetic Anatomy continues to building on its previous editions to assert itself as the ideal resource for learning structural anatomy and how it affects movement. The text gives students a firm concept of musculoskeletal anatomy by systematically assembling each component of the human body. Layer by layer, readers will study bones, ligaments, joints, and muscles on the bones, as well as the nerves and blood vessels that supply these muscles that are essential for movement.

Kinetic Anatomy, Third Edition, includes coverage of three major structures that are not often considered when studying the anatomy of movement: the brain, heart, and lungs. As the centerpieces for the nervous, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems, these structures are essential to human movement and are highlighted throughout the text where appropriate. In addition, other fundamental features make this resource a valuable tool for learning and teaching human anatomy:

  • A one-year subscription to Musculoskeletal Anatomy Review, an online anatomy program, provides an interactive forum for reviewing regional structural anatomy.
  • A new chapter on the head completes the regional approach followed in the text.
  • More information on muscle and motor units helps broaden information on movement potential in selected sport activities.
  • Expanded discussion on joint strength and movement and the function of muscles (agonists, antagonists, stabilizers, and synergists), levers, and exercise supports understanding of how the human body is constructed.
  • Full-color photos and illustrations enhance the learning experience.
  • New Functional Movement Exercises provide students with the opportunity for practical application of their studies by asking them to identify the prime mover, antagonist, fixator, and synergist muscle in a particular movement.
  • Hands On exercises throughout the book offer students practice in physically identifying anatomical structures on themselves or on a partner.

ISBN: 9781450410557