Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in Manual and Physical Therapies


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Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in Manual and Physical Therapies

Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in Manual and Physical Therapy explores the vast and complex discipline of neuromuscular rehabilitation and simplifies it for clinical use. It is a practical source book for practitioners of manual and physical therapy who work with movement rehabilitation after musculoskeletal injury and pain conditions, sports rehabilitation, surgery and central nervous system damage. The book is a synthesis of over half a century of research and can be described as ’neuromuscular rehabilitation made easy’. It explores movement control and how it is affected by injury, pain and central damage. It provides practical solutions and comprehensive demonstrations (DVD) of movement rehabilitation for the upper and lower limbs and the trunk/spine.

Key features:

  • Provides new ideas, principles and approaches for neuromuscular rehabilitation informed by research and clinical practice
  • Outlines the rehabilitation of movement control after sports injuries and surgery and in other painful conditions
  • A practical book for clinicians, suitable for physical therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, sport therapists and orthopaedic surgeons
  • Provides immediate solutions to complex clinical management.
  • Includes a one hour DVD with over 100 procedures/techniques demonstrating motor control challenges to the trunk, neck, upper and lower limbs

1. Introduction

2. Motor control

3. Motor abilities

4. Sensory abilities

5. Motor adaptation

6. Plasticity in the motor system

7. Motor reorganisation in musculoskeletal injury

8. Cognitive and behavioural considerations in neuromuscular rehabilitation

9. Managing non-traumatic pain conditions

10. Neuromuscular considerations in managing individuals with CNS damage

11. Developing a rehabilitation programme

12. Motor abilities, assessment to challenge: re-abilitation

13. Optimising proprioceptive recovery

14. Neuromuscular rehabilitation: summary


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