The Thorax


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The Thorax

Richly illustrated with 3D-rendered color anatomical drawings and over 250 clinical photographs, this is the definitive manual on the thorax for all bodyworkers helping patients improve mobility and control of the trunk. The text highlights

an integrated biopsychosocial model (the Integrated Systems Model – ISM) and uses this as a foundation for clinicians to organize their knowledge from multiple sources.

Contents Chapter

1 Anatomy of the thorax /
Chapter 2 Biomechanics of the thorax /
Chapter 3 Assessment of the thorax and its relationship to the whole body /
Chapter 4 Principles of the integrated systems model for the treatment of the individual patient /
Chapter 5 Case reports that highligh the relationship of the thorax to the whole body /
Chapter 6 Release techniques for the system impairment /
Chapter 7 Motor learning and movement training

Paperback est 280 pages
Highly illustrated
ISBN 978-1-912085-05-7